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Suburban Living

I have been collecting 50's furniture (aka the trendy-sounding "Mid-Century Modern" since the summer of 1977, when I got my first job (a busboy at Mutual of Omaha's Crisstal Room - long story).

In those days, it was cheap and abundant. I liked it (and still like it) because it has the ability to immediately cheer me up. It can be campy and schmaltzy, but the best of it has an optimism and freshness that most styles of furniture lack.

My parents, who were an Ethan Allen bunch if there ever was one, never understood my hobby. To them, the road to good taste was paved with maple and chintz, but Mid-Century Modern is American in a way that Colonial will never be. That's another reason why I like it - it's not evocative, and it symbolizes the best of our nation's aspirations.

As I got older, and moved out and got my own apartments, I was always drawn to the spaces that were sympathetic to this look - 1960's apartment buildings and postwar houses. Sure, I lived in a few Kraftsman Klunkers with their Old World Weirdnesses, but I knew I was destined for something much more fun, and in 2005, I happened upon it.

The new house is direct from 1955 - The original family pretty much kept everything intact. It has three bedrooms and 1.75 baths, as well as two fireplaces and a great view of the Cascades, the Rainier Valley and - on those infrequent occasions when it decides to unveil itself - Mount Rainier.

On the following pages are som pictures of the new house, along with some fascinating interesting narrative.

So what are you waiting for? Just ring the doorbell, and come on in!


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