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Here is the Sala Grande, with the new deck very much present off to the side. It was redecorated this year (2015) : New paint, floors redone, new upholstered sectional.
Here is more of the Sala Grande because, as Jacqueline Susann points out, once is not enough.
Here it is from the opposite direction. We got a new front door, also, but you better not go out it, for you'll fall to a certain death (We haven't built that part of the deck yet).
And now we turn our attention to the Dining Area, where some of the more gracious entertaining at Chez Vel-DuRay takes place. Its close proximity to the Sala Grande makes for a comfortable transition between cocktails, dinner, and after-dinner coffee.
Continuing our tour of the kitchen, we see the a General Electric Wall Refrigerator (yes, it hangs on the wall!) and a Frigidaire Flair, with the slide-a-way burner shelf. Remember: Whether you bake, or broil, or stew, a Frigidaire kitchen does it all for you!
Here's the breakfast nook, suitable for more than just breakfast. It also serves as a dandy napping place for elderly dachshunds.

But that's not all! Click here to see other scenic highlights of Chez Vel-DuRay

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