"The Happiest thing that ever happened to cooking...OR YOU!" ....
So promises this 1962 brochure for the Frigidaire Flair.

The Frigidaire Company (At that time a division of General Motors), aside from being a little hyperbole-prone, certainly did some nice print media. Because of that, and because I'm lazy, I've decided to let the pages speak for themselves. Click on the links below to see the various features of the Fabulous Frigidaire! (as demonstrated by some immaculately manicured hands) You don't see owner's manuals like this anymore. Probably because it costs too much, and too many lawyers are involved. That's a pity.

Most of these graphics come from the owner's manual for the RC1B-654-2, which just happens to be the Flair I own.

See-Level Ovens! Heat-Minder Units! Roll-To-You Cooking Tops! It's all here in this Frigidaire brochure.
Those "Roll-To-You" cooktops need no explanation, but you get one anyway. To find out how to open the burner drawer, click here.
Now that you know how to roll out the burners, let's explore the bells and whistles (which, after all, are the best part) Pay special attention, because it gets sort of dicey here......
Insta-Heat? Heat Minder? Infinite Heat? This ain't your mama's stove (well, actually, it is.......) Read all about the burners here.
There's more to that Heat-Minder than meets the eye - namely the Kant-Slide Griddle
Here's a sort of dreary section on the operation of the Ovens but it leads into all sort of fun information on things like Roasting, Broiling, and of course the Cookmaster!
.......And that just about finishes it up! From there, the copywriters must have been emotionally drained, and retired to the nearest bar for a pick-me-up-martini, leaving the rest of the details (fuse locations, how to change lights bulbs, etc.) to the technocrats, and no one wants to read their dry, fact-ridden spiels.

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