As you can see from this picture, Sam and Darrin had a flair, that Uncle Arthur liked to visit occasionally. The photo is courtesy of The BEST bewitched website! Check them out)

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Frigidaire Flair:

1.) What is my Flair worth?
I honestly have no idea. It depends on a variety of issues (how "hot" flair are at the moment - their value varies wildly. I have seen them go for $700 on eBay, and go unsold the next week) Of couse, your location, and the condition of the stove play a big part. Personally, I'd suggest selling it on cragslist, if your town has a page.

2.) What is the difference between a Custom Imperial and a Custom Deluxe?
A Custom Imperial was the nicer of the two models, but are also more problematic. A Custom Imperial has two "infinite heat" burners (the back two) a "Speed heat" burner (the front left) and a "heatminder" burner (the big one in the front right). Both the "speed heat" and "heat minder" burners tend to go on the fritz. With the "speed heat" sometimes it's just a matter of replacing the fuse. I have no idea on how you can repair a "Heat Minder" If you have a choice between a Custom Imperial and Custom Deluxe, go for the deluxe!

3.)My Oven doesn't work!
Yikes! My only suggestion is that you check the "Cookmaster" settings. The setting for how many hours the oven should cook should be set to "man" (for manual). If that doesn't work, your problem is beyond my scope.

4.)My Clock doesn't work!!!
The good folks at can fix your clock without busting your budget. You have to take the clock out yourself, however, which can be tricky. MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF THE POWER TO THE STOVE BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS!!!!!!!

5.) My "Meat Tender" doesn't work/is missing the probe.
Yeah? So what? The Meat Tender is hype, and those recommded temperatures will char your chicken. Get yourself an instant-read thermometer (about $20 at any kitchen supply store) and a good cookbook that lists cooking temperatures, and you'll be fine.

6.) A person from another country wants to buy my flair. I just have to give them my bank account information. Can I trust them?
You need to turn off the computer and return it to the store if you think you can trust a proposition like this. First off, the Flair would cost literally a trillion dollars to ship outside the country, and in most foreign countries, it would explode if they were able to hook it up to the local power supply.

Okay, all my questions are answered. Take me back to is a proud subsidiary of (Not that it has any say in the matter)